A downloadable game for Windows

Title: Potion Poppers

Description: A competitive 2-player potion fighting game. Players flip through the air, and build pressure to fire their potion bottle's cork at their opponent. 

Theme: Multi-Purpose Mechanics

Mechanic: Jumping (and double jumping)

- Used to navigate the stage

- Allows the player to rotate in mid air, to aim at their opponent

Mechanic: Cork

- Hold fire button to build up pressure and fire

- While building pressure, the player will fall much slower, allowing for better aiming, or altered airborne movement

- Cork must be picked up after being fired

Mechanic: Fluid

- Fluid serves as "Ammo" - cannot fire your cork without

- less fluid = faster movement

- Tipping upside-down causes loss of fluid

Platform: PC

Third party: Unity 2017, Visual Studio, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Freesound.org

Team Members: Jesse Baker, Sean Braithwaite, Dylan Carew, Josh Garcia, Codi Hotte

2 Xbox360 Controllers required

Left stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Shoot / Build Pressure


Potion-Poppers.zip 16 MB