A downloadable game

Made as part of a 5-day game jam, Flock Together is a game where birds must work together to stay in formation, and avoid imminent death via meteor shower.

Using the "HappyFunTimes" plug-in for Unity, Flock Together supports unlimited local players, who connect to the game using a phone, tablet, or any device that can connect via web browser.


- You must launch the game from the "Flock Together - Shortcut." You will not be able to connect to the game if launched from the regular executable.

- Find the IP Address of the computer you are running the game on, and put it in the URL of any web browser to connect and play. Touchscreen device recommended.

- If your device does not connect to the IP address, you can instead try typing "localhost:18679" into your URL (without quotes).

- The game requires a minimum of 4 players, and will not start until at least 4 players have joined.

Alexander Hulsmeier: Programming, Game Design, Level Design.

Jesse Baker: Programming, Lead Game Design.


Joshua Bresler: Sound, Game Design, Level Design, Gameplay Trailer.



Benjamin d'Abadie: Art, Game Design.


Liam McAlinden: Art, Programming, Game Design.



FlockTogether.zip 25 MB